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Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lisa Musician of Food Allergy Dietitian, Inc.

This week the Spotlight is on Lisa Musician, a Northeastern Pennsylvania RD with expertise in the area of food allergies. She is the Founder and President of Food Allergy Dietitian, Inc. where she marries her personal and professional experience helping those with food allergies maintain a healthy and balanced diet while avoiding the food allergen(s) and…   Read More»

Spinach-Pesto Salad with Farro

Are you down with the farro (pronounced like the King Tut Pharaoh)? Don’t be intimidated— it’s just another ancient grain like quinoa and barley except farro grains are a little bigger and chewier. Think big, plump, oversized oats having children with brown rice and you’ve got farro. Why use it? Well first because it’s a…   Read More»

Favorite Things Thursday: Blogs Edition

This is the first post in my new series I’m calling These are a Few of my Favorite Things. There are a million different topics my clients ask me about, from what grocery stores to shop in to what protein powders I like to what magazines I get my recipes from or what food documentary they…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lauren Fowler of Mindful Meals

There are lots of RDs/RDNs that dream of one day opening their own private practice and working for themselves. Lauren Fowler, RDN, LD, CLT has made that dream a reality with her business Mindful Meals. I’m interviewing Lauren to see how she got started, the top tip she gives her clients, what foods she couldn’t…   Read More»

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