Is This You?

  • You can eat healthy during the day time routine but at night, on weekends, or special events, you often find yourself overeating and wanting to “start over” tomorrow.
  • You’ve had some success on a weight loss or healthy program, but couldn’t maintain your results for the long term because life happened and you couldn’t stay as strict as you once were.
  • Even though you know you should be eating healthier, you find yourself coming up with reasons to continue eating the same unhealthy foods you have been.
  • You want to stop eating out of boredom, stress, or loneliness.
  • You’ve tried so many different diets that now feel confused about what or how to eat for your personal goals.
  • Diets make you feel restricted, and you want to learn how to eat in a way that doesn’t make you feel deprived and hungry.
  • You want to be able to enjoy foods like pizza, ice cream, french fries, chips, and/or candy in moderation and without any guilt.
  • You want to stop yo-yo dieting and start effortlessly living a healthy lifestyle!
If any of these statements describe you, The Daily Accountability Program is your perfect solution.

Imagine If…

You had clarity on how and what you should be eating, based on recommendations rooted in the latest nutrition science (NOT from a self-proclaimed health guru on Instagram or TikTok).

You had systems in place to help you build new, healthy routines, making it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle without ever having to start a new diet.

You were able to stick to your plan for the long haul without having to “start over on Monday.”

You received daily, virtual support and feedback from a registered dietitian, not a robot or automated machine.

You had virtual access to a nutrition expert to help you plan for eating healthy at restaurants, on vacations, or social events.

You reached your health goals, and actually enjoyed the process!

Want to make this your reality?

The Daily Accountability Program (DAP) is your ticket to achieve all of this and more.

I’m Ready!

Your Goals are Our Goals.

Sarah lost 10 lbs and several inches during 2 months of DAP!
Kayla created structure in the midst of her crazy, busy schedule!
Kendall lost about 10 pounds in one month of DAP!
Brian had a life changing experience with DAP

The Daily Accountability Program (DAP) is a 30-day, virtual coaching program that helps you create & follow a personalized nutrition plan.

We all know cookie cutter meal plans, traditional fad diets, and meal replacement shakes don’t work because they’re not sustainable. At Nutrition Awareness, we help our clients reject diet mentality and reach their health goals the fun, non-restrictive way. DAP was created for our clients who wanted more: more accountability, more support, and more motivation between appointments.

Thus… DAP has become our signature coaching program for those ready to transform their relationship with food, enhance their knowledge about the complex world of nutrition, and achieve their long-term goals, once and for all.

When you commit to DAP, you’re signing up for 30 days of relentless support. We help you bust through old excuses that previously held you back and push yourself to create lifelong, healthy habits you will maintain after you graduate from DAP.

With the help of your registered dietitian, you’ll set targeted goals and take action day after day to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Whether you need help with meal prepping, accountability to eating healthy on-the-go, or a cheerleader when you don’t feel like crushing your workout goals, DAP will be in your back pocket.

The first step of The Daily Accountability Program is to schedule an initial consultation with one of our registered dietitians. In the booking intake form, you’ll be asked what kind of coaching/accountability you are looking for. Choose “daily.” During this consultation, your dietitian will get to know your needs, struggles, and ultimate goals. Together, you’ll create a game plan of what you need to do and how. Every recommendation is customized for you.

Every day during DAP, you and your dietitian will connect via audio, video, or text communication. Anytime you need help or have a question, you can reach out to your RD on the DAP platform and receive feedback from your dietitian within the day.

We make it really hard to fail.

Our goal is to help you build healthy habits you can stick to forever so that after you’re done with DAP, you won’t need us or any fad diet ever again. Scroll down to see screenshots of conversations with our previous DAP clients…


How Does it Work?

Create a Blueprint

You and your dietitian will discuss which changes you need to make to your diet based on your goals, lifestyle, and health history. Together, you’ll bridge the gap of where you are now and where you want to be in 30 days (and beyond!)

Set Specific Goals

With your dietitian’s help, you’ll set targeted health goals to help you take the right action & get results. These goals are specific to you and your circumstance. They are not one size fits all recommendations.

Relentless Accountability

To stay accountable to your goals, check in daily with your dietitian for 30 days via text, audio, and video chat on your own time. We’ll challenge you to reflect, grow, and learn from the process by asking you questions, giving suggestions, and holding you to your self-made promises.

Unlimited Support

DAP is like having a cheerleader in your pocket! Your RD will help you adapt to any situation so you never lose sight of your health and nutrition goals. We make it impossible to give up.

Questions & Answers

Nutrition science is as fascinating as it is confusing, but we’re here to help. Whenever you have questions about a health claim you saw online, an ingredient you found on a food label, or whether or not it’s okay to eat gluten, you can ask us with a quick message during DAP!

Motivating Community

Our clients get lifetime access to our private Nutrition Awareness Squad Slack channel, a virtual nutrition ‘townsquare’ where our clients swap recipes, share workouts, and inspire each other with reliable stories of health transformation.


The Daily Accountability Program is Not Another “Eat This, Not That” Diet Program…

Other Virtual Diet Applications… Daily Accountability Program (DAP)
Claim to be personalized to your needs, but give you generic recommendations Every diet recommendation is specific to you- your goals, day-to-day struggles, medical history, food preferences, and unique needs
Often prescribe unsustainable goals (i.e, 1200 calorie diets) Goals are challenging but sustainable. If not, we adjust as we go based on your progress and real time feedback
Send automated messages that everyone gets Nothing is automated! You’re talking to a real human, 100% of the time.
Tries to upsell you with unregulated, ineffective supplements and cleanses Teaches you how to get results without spending money on supplements, fat burners, pills, or detox products
Assign “health coaches” who have no licensure or accreditation education in the field of nutrition You’re paired with a licensed and registered dietitian, who is held to high standards based on federal and state requirements
Have weak customer support Provides tailored, intentional support
Don’t teach you the how to maintain healthy behaviors and habits for life- they want you to rely on their services Shows you how to transform your life by changing your behavior and how you see food so you never have to diet again
Have no or weak systems for accountability Gives you daily accountability


You’ve scrolled this far, which means you may be curious about who the dietitians behind DAP are… Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Hi, I’m Kait.

I’m one of the registered dietitians at Nutrition Awareness. I became a dietitian because I knew what it was like to struggle with body image, food, and diet culture, & wanted to help others avoid the issues I had. ⁣Before graduating with my bachelors degree in nutrition & dietetics from Missouri State University, I yo-yo dieted like a mad woman.

Dieting never taught me how to eat, nor did it teach me how to change my relationship with food. All it did was teach me to restrict until I was miserable, then binge eat on junk food. Then, I’d feel guilty and start over the next day. Rinse, lather repeat.

It was not until I stopped following diet crazes and ignored the latest fads from the media that I was able to attune to my own body, apply the recommendations of nutrition science, and fuel myself properly. I stopped relying on food as an emotional crutch and found joy in eating nutritious foods, balanced with not-so healthy options when I genuinely wanted them.

It is my mission in life to help other people break the toxic cycle of restrictive dieting and emotional eating so they can experience life FREE from the stress of eating, low self-esteem, and low energy from a poor diet. Through DAP, I can help you accomplish your biggest health goals (and enjoy the process!)

My motto: you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach. I’m excited for you to take the leap and trust us with your goals

Hey, I’m Megan.

New mom, recent author, ex marathoner, and lover of all things food-related. I got interested in nutrition after changing my diet and seeing how my performance as an athlete significantly improved.

Then I took things too far. Overexercising, restricting food and obsessing over my body took over way too many years of my life. I have since found peace with food and my body and helped thousands of others do the same. You can read more about my story and background here.

My favorite clients to work with:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Moms
  • Chronic dieters (you’ve tried everything from Weight Watchers to Whole30 to Noom)
  • People who are done dieting and want to learn how to fuel their body in the best way possible to feel better, have more energy, and just BE HAPPY
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