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Dietitian Spotlight Series: Toby Amidor, Author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen

Interview by Anna Hudgins, nutrition student at Texas A&M University and intern at Nutrition Awareness. This week the spotlight is on entrepreneur Toby Amidor MS, RD, CDN. Toby has over 15 years of experience in nutrition and has established herself as one of the Tri-State Area’s top experts in culinary nutrition, food safety and media. She trained…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lauren Swann of Concept Nutrition, Inc.

This week I interviewed Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN, who has been successfully running her own business, Concept Nutrition Inc., since 1990. Read on to find out how Lauren capitalized on a new market need for food labeling and created her own niche market. Lauren, you’ve had quite a few “outside the box” dietitian positions over the years….   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Maree Ferguson, Founder of Dietitian Connection

This week the Spotlight is on Maree Ferguson, the Founder and Director of Dietitian Connection, a community site connecting dietitians all over the world with one another and a place to share each other’s work, nutrition news and goals while improving the public profile of dietitians everywhere. Maree is a Registered Dietitian and Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lisa Musician of Food Allergy Dietitian, Inc.

This week the Spotlight is on Lisa Musician, a Northeastern Pennsylvania RD with expertise in the area of food allergies. She is the Founder and President of Food Allergy Dietitian, Inc. where she marries her personal and professional experience helping those with food allergies maintain a healthy and balanced diet while avoiding the food allergen(s) and…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Livia Ly, Brazilian-Trained RD and Masters Student at The University of Chicago

In this week’s Spotlight, I interviewed Livia Ly, a dietitian trained in São Paulo, Brazil where she was born and raised. Lyvia is now living in the U.S. and in her final semester of a master’s degree program in nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lyvia moved to Chicago in 2008 with her husband and…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lindsey Pine, Hospitality RD for the University of Southern California

This week the spotlight is on Lindsey Pine MS, RD, CSSD, the registered dietitian for University of Southern California Hospitality. Her education includes a culinary degree from Seattle Central Community College, a bachelors degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management from San Diego State University and a masters in Nutritional Science from Cal State LA. Lindsey…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Carrie Zisman, Health Promotion Manager

For this week’s Spotlight Series, I’m featuring Carrie Zisman, MS, RDN, CHC, a Health Promotion Manager at a large aerospace and defense company. Carrie is responsible for managing the strategic plan and operations for the Health Promotion team. Her goal is to improve the physical health of employees and their dependents as well as the physical…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Carlene Thomas of Healthfully Ever After

This week I’m excited to be featuring a dietitian who has really found her niche. Carlene Thomas, owner of Healthfully Ever After, LLC, focuses on helping brides get healthier before their weddings by teaching them sustainable, healthy practices that will last beyond saying “I do.” Carlene also works as a nutrition consultant and blogger, specializing in food…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Diana Rice, PR Associate for The Monday Campaigns

This week this Spotlight is on Diana K. Rice, registered dietitian and PR Associate with The Monday Campaigns, which runs the Meatless Monday initiative. Nutrition was a bit of a career change for Diana. She started out with a degree in journalism from NYU and worked in magazine publishing before deciding to pursue her RD credentials….   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Ginger Hultin, Chicago-Based Nutrition Writer and Integrative Oncology Specialist

This week I’m putting the spotlight on Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, LDN. Ginger is a freelance writer and blogger based in Chicago, Illinois. She works for the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, where she specializes in whole-food plant-based nutrition and supplementation. Ginger is also the President for the Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is very…   Read More»

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