If you don’t want to read through this whole post, I’ll give it to you in 4 words:


Maybe this is just a weird thing about me personally, but I’m never as excited about a meal I made myself as I am for one someone else cooked for me. It could be the same exact meal, but if someone else did the work, I’ll enjoy it more. Anyone with me?

freshly meal delivery service
Freshly Country Chicken & Mash Bowl

What is Freshly?

Ugh, another meal service? Yes, it is a meal delivery service, but unlike a lot of the “meal kit” companies that send you ingredients and have you assemble and cook the meal, all you have to do with Freshly meals is heat them up.

No pots, no pans, no pre-heating the oven. No marinating and no chopping. Dreams DO come true (at least for me– I’m easy to please). Like I said, any healthy meal that I don’t have to cook I am THANKFUL for.

Sure, Freshly isn’t the first company to deliver fully prepared meals but they are the first company to deliver meals that actually taste like something you’ve just prepared yourself.

I won’t name names here, but I’ve had plenty of other companies send me their pre-made meals. I have not been impressed and I have not re-ordered them.

My problem with the other meal prep services I’ve tried:

I don’t have any of these issues with Freshly. You can skip as many weeks as you like with no penalty. The quality of the food truly blew me away. I thought it would be similar to a frozen meal, but no– 100% no. It tastes like food that I would actually make myself. I’ve loved every single meal I’ve tried so far and I’ve truly savored each one because I haven’t had to do anything more than press a few buttons on the microwave and put it on a plate (‘cuz we fancy).

I’ve recommended Freshly to several clients so far and they’re loving it too.

meal delivery service
Freshly Smoky Pork Cubano Bowl

What does it cost?

The best part about Freshly is that 6 meals ($59) actually costs me less than the meal kit services I typically use: Hellofresh ($69) or Green Chef ($78). I thought I’d have to pay more to not do the work. I don’t know how they do it, but I am NOT complaining.

My favorite meal so far? The steak peppercorn! You’ve gotta try it!