Hey there! It’s Allie, dietitian on a mission to simplify nutrition and teach you how to feel your best!

Here is my story:

Growing up you could always find me buried in a cookbook, food magazine, and watching the food network. To say I was obsessed with cooking is an understatement. I was always eager to help my mom in the kitchen, trying our best to mimic grandma’s recipes (although somehow, she always made it better).

My interest in nutrition started in high school. I was active on the dance team, practicing every day for hours on end. I also played sand volleyball and did yoga, but I struggled with what to eat, especially before long practices. I didn’t understand how to fuel myself to recover from workouts or what foods wouldn’t hurt my stomach.

I’d often find myself scared to eat certain foods because I didn’t want to feel sick during practice. Who wants to feel bloated and have indigestion during a dance routine? I ended up eating PBJ sandwiches all day every day because they were “safe.”

In college, I stuck to pretzels and hummus, Greek yogurt, popcorn, and granola bars. The bloating, indigestion, and stomach pains continued. The lack of consistent, nourishing meals made me feel lethargic. This routine continued all the way through graduate school, where I felt like I had even less time. I would quickly eat a granola bar while running out the door and throw a Greek yogurt and banana in my lunch bag, after which I’d be greeted by stomach pains and headaches. After many doctor visits and a couple food allergy tests, I still didn’t have real answers for the way I felt. I was eating “healthy” food, right? I attributed my stomach pain during the day to “food intolerances” and my headaches and stress to my workload.

Around this time, I led a nutrition education program at the Children’s Home of Cincinnati where I taught kids, special needs teens, and single mothers how simple making a balanced meal could be. I showed them how to create meals and snacks that fueled their activities and school days with minimal ingredients or kitchen equipment. Then it dawned on me: Allie, you should be doing that too!

I expanded my routine by prepping meals ahead with easily digested carbohydrates and protein that made me feel satisfied and energized. I repaired my relationship with food by honoring how my body feels, fueling it when its hungry, feeding it real meals instead of just on the go snacks, being prepared with quick and easy meal ideas, and overall setting myself up for success.

Now it’s my mission to teach individuals and families to feel their best using quick and simple meals and snacks throughout the day. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated!

Knowledge and Experience:

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Miami University of Ohio. After, I furthered my education and completed my dietetic internship and Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland Ohio. While completing my dietetic internship and master’s degree I also received a certification in Maternal and Child Nutrition. During my internship and education, I focused on pediatric nutrition. I worked with infants and kids as Metro Health hospital, and kids and teens in school systems and summer programs.

After passing my board certification exam and officially becoming a registered dietitian, I worked at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank managing their Food as Medicine program and senior and children nutrition programs. As I made the big move to Orlando, I transitioned into working clinically as an in-patient dietitian at AdventHealth as well as an outpatient dietitian with Tara Collingwood, focusing on sports nutrition and Personalized Primary Care doctor offices. My most recent job experience with Cigna focused on corporate wellness, coaching employees on nutrition and helping them perform at their best.

Now I have transitioned into working in private practice at Nutrition Awareness!

Still here? Woohoo! Here are the keys to my heart:

  1. My husband Ryan and dog Simba.
  2. The beach. Put me on the beach with a good book and a spicy margarita in my hand!
  3. Local Farmer’s Market and restaurants. You’ll always catch me on Saturday morning shopping at the Farmer’s Market and checking out new restaurants over the weekend.
  4. Cleveland sports. GO BROWNS!
  5. A good sweat at F45 and Barre3!
  6. Long walks and bike rides around my neighborhood with Simba.
  7. Cooking and baking. I love making simple and easy recipes that I can share with family, friends, and clients.
  8. A good motivational podcast or book. Hello Glennon Doyle and Rachel Hollis!