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Dietitian Spotlight Series: Ellie Krieger of The Food Network

Interview by Anna Hudgins, nutrition student at Texas A&M University and intern at Nutrition Awareness Ellie Krieger is a nationally-recognized registered dietitian most commonly known for hosting The Food Network show Healthy Appetite. Ellie has had a diverse and impressive career in the nutrition world. Before she was a host she was a professor at New York University…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Jen Haugen, Owner of Down to Earth Dietitian

This week the spotlight is on Jen Haugen, RDN, LD, the mom behind the blog and business Down to Earth Dietitian and the star of one of my favorite TED talks, How Moms Can Change the World. Jen first started blogging in March 2012 as a way to share her ideas on recipes and gardening with…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Gemma Critchley, Senior Research and Development for Vitaflo International

I’ve been following Gemma Critchley through her blog, Dietitian Without Borders, where she writes about her traveling adventures (she just recently returned from a month long trip to Peru), shares delicious recipes and strives to cut through all the nutrition nonsense you find online, to make sense of research and evidence then put it into practice. When Gemma agreed…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Krista Ulatowski, Former PR Strategist turned RD

This week the Spotlight is on Krista Ulatowski, MPH, RD, a consultant dietitian with her hands in many fields– from weight management to menu development and marketing in between. This former public relations strategist shares how she discovered her true calling surrounded by barrels of beer, her love for real food, thoughts on GMOs, career aspirations…   Read More»

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