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Dietitian Spotlight Series: Ginger Hultin, Chicago-Based Nutrition Writer and Integrative Oncology Specialist

This week I’m putting the spotlight on Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, LDN. Ginger is a freelance writer and blogger based in Chicago, Illinois. She works for the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, where she specializes in whole-food plant-based nutrition and supplementation. Ginger is also the President for the Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is very…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Jennifer Neily, Certified Health Coach and Consultant

In this week’s Dietitian Spotlight Series, I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, a trailblazing entrepreneur I met in Dallas, TX. She is the chair for the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group (which I highly recommend joining if you have any interest in starting your own business!) and is a huge advocate for…   Read More»

Dietitian Spotlight Series: Marianne Romano, Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant

It’s time for a new dietitian spotlight series! This week I interviewed Marianne Romano, MP RDN, who created her own company Romano Health Coaching 14 years ago and is based out of Albany,  New York. Marianne, tell us a little about your business and the path you took to get where you are today. I have dual bachelor’s degree in…   Read More»

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