True life: I have no patience for “food styling” and I do not have an eye for photography.

I just want to make my food then EAT it, not take 100 photos of it trying to get the right angle with the right background and the right props.

But I understand that we eat with our eyes and I do want to share healthy recipes ideas with you guys! I know that even if I PROMISE you that this beef stew tastes amazing but the photo looks like ?, you probably aren’t going to try it.

It’s pretty rare that I’m able to get time to make dinner while there’s still enough natural light outside, but I’ll keep trying to improve my photo skills as long as you keep trying my recipes!

I’ll also save you all the typical blog talk that you have to scroll through and take you straight to the recipe:

Healthy and Hearty Crockpot Beef Stew



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