This post is sponsored by Kura Nutrition.

Sometimes I hit snooze too many times and don’t have time for breakfast.

Oh, that happens to you too?

However, I will die if I head off to the office without stuffing my face with something so skipping isn’t an option. By 10am I’ll be moody and irritable and have a hard time concentrating. The problem is, I’m not satisfied by a bar in the morning and I need something more substantial than protein powder thrown into a shaker.

Enter Kura protein smoothie powders. Unlike your typical bro powder, there’s no artificial sweeteners, dyes, or other wonky ingredients. What they do add is probiotics, omega 3s, and 26 vitamins & minerals to give you a boost when you’re on the go.

If you’ve read my Best Protein Powder post, you already know Kura is at the top of my list. The issue most of my clients have is that most of the best protein powders are hard to find. I’ll give them a sample, they’ll love it, then ask where they can get it and the only thing I can tell them is make a special trip to Whole Foods or hope they have Amazon Prime if they don’t want to pay shipping. That seems to be a huge issue for me in Florida. Our common grocery stores just don’t carry the good stuff. If you want to pick up something quick, your stuck with a protein powder like EAS or Muscle Milk chocked full sucralose.

GREAT news though, you can now find Kura in CVS! What?! I’m so happy there’s a quick option I can feel good about recommending right around the corner. I celebrated by creating this Simple Red Velvet Smoothie with ingredients bought on the fly at CVS because #cakeforbreakfast.

Simple Red Velvet Smoothie

Optional add-ins: frozen cherries instead of ice, 1 tbsp beet powder (for color and added nutrients, 1/8 cup oats or hemp seeds (for texture and added fiber)

  1. Combine ingredients and blend (in a blender or food processor) until smooth.