I have some exciting news to share!

When I sit down and talk with my clients, one of the most common goals and challenges they have is wanting to eat a cleaner diet, to cut out the junk and figure out how to better fuel their bodies. I’ve helped many of my clients do just that through one-on-one consultations, but I wanted to figure out a way to help more people than I can sit down with! Here’s my solution: On March 1st, I am unveiling a new 21-day, online challenge designed to teach you how to cut out processed foods and eat cleaner in order to feel better, gain more energy and lose weight in the process! There are only 3 more days to sign up and a few spots left, so I wanted to let my readers in on this opportunity to “spring clean” your diet before the summer season! It’s all online, video and email based, so you can complete the challenge from anywhere!

We’re also planning on starting a private Facebook group for people in the challenge to connect and motivate each other, share recipes, workouts, etc.

Tell your friends and family– get the whole crew involved. I’ll send you my assessment form and get you started as soon as you sign up. Remember, the challenge STARTS March 1st, so sign up today (leave me a comment with your email address or shoot me a message at nutritionawareness@orlandodietitian.com) to secure your spot (I want to keep the group fairly small so I can still give personalized advice throughout the 3 weeks). Let the clean eating begin!