Greek yogurt is all the rage right now, and for good reason. As long as your getting the right version, Greek yogurt is a low calorie, high nutrient food packed with protein. But be aware that packaged foods such as cereals and bars claiming to be “made with real Greek yogurt” actually contain only a small amount of yogurt powder which is heat treated, killing the beneficial bacteria that yogurt is known for. The same goes for yogurt-covered raisins, pretzels, granola, etc. All contain yogurt “coatings” made from a combination of sugar, oil, whey and yogurt powder.

Bottom line, always read the ingredients label and avoid heavily processed foods as much as possible. Manufacturers can stick whatever they want on a package to make it look healthy but they can’t hide the actual ingredients. Frozen yogurt may have just as much sugar as the ice cream next to it in the freezer aisle. You’ve got to check your labels. And going out for froyo and adding cookies and Fruity Pebbles to it doesn’t make it a healthy snack either.

If you’re looking for a healthy yogurt, the absolute best you can get is plain or 0% Greek yogurt, then sweeten it yourself with honey or stevia, fresh fruit or nuts. If you’ve tried Greek before, be aware that different brands have a completely different taste and consistency. My favorite brands are FAGE, Chobani and Dannon Oikos. If you can’t go plain, go for Siggi’s! It’s Icelandic style yogurt, which is very similar to Greek with all the same great health benefits. All of Siggi’s flavors have simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. It is the creamiest, dreamiest yogurt you will ever taste!

I have no professional affiliations with any of the companies mentioned above.