On Friday night, I was hit by a craving: Pizza. I started to look up a place to order from where I could get something relatively healthy, maybe a thin crust veggie. Then I thought hey, maybe I could make one myself with ingredients I have on hand and save myself $$ AND calories. I pre-heated the oven to 425, got out a whole wheat tortilla, spread on marinara, sprinkled mozzarella and parmesan, then topped with fresh basil, spinach, sliced grape tomatoes and green olives, baked for 5 minutes and tada! Healthy and delicious pizza in 5 minutes! I’d never tried to make a pizza on a tortilla, so I was skeptical as to how it would turn out, but it ended up being crispy and perfect. Feel free to add whatever your favorite veggies are– or whatever you have leftover in the fridge!

I made another the next day. It wasn’t as pretty but still tasted great.