Post and recipe by Mary Curnutte, Nutrition Awareness Intern

Healthy cookie dough?! Be still my heart. If you’re like me and love to sink your teeth into a spoonful of gooey, creamy, delicious cookie dough, it’s not something you want to give up (despite the raw egg warnings– salmonella, schmalmonella). I’ve tried making all the chickpea-based healthy cookie doughs in hopes of a good substitute, but they were all just bleh.

Fret no more, cookie dough fans– I’ve got one you don’t have to feel guilty about. Dare I say, you can even feel good about eating this cookie dough? Now it doesn’t have cold-pressed kale in it, but it is made with only healthy sources of fat and carbohydrates and makes a bunch better snack than that Special K bar you’ve got lurking in the back of your pantry.

healthy cookie dough recipeThe key is to be careful when picking out your ingredients. Be sure to use a maple syrup that has only maple syrup as an ingredient. When picking out a protein powder, opt for a plant-based or grass-fed whey powder. Of course you can skip the protein powder altogether but using it balances out the protein, fat, and carbohydrate content, and will stick with you a lot longer.

Check the dark chocolate for to be sure there are few ingredients. A little chocolate is great, but there is no need for artificial crap or un-pronouncable additives.

If you’re not super into cookie dough and are more of a baked cookie person (really is that possible though?), this recipe can also be baked into soft cookie. Enjoy!