I’ll admit I’ve been in a recipe blogging rut lately. It’s not that I’ve not been cooking, I just haven’t felt like coming up with new, inventive dishes, taking food photos, documenting the recipes and then posting them. I’ve been more in the mood to take a look in the fridge, whip something up and eat it without taking the time to make it look pretty and make sure I’ve got the right lighting. I’m sure other food bloggers have gone through this, right? Well, luckily on a recent trip back to Ohio, my mom picked me up the new All Recipes magazine and it re-inspired me. There was an entire section on new and different ways to cook fish, all of which I plan on trying and revamping in my own way.


This is the first time I’ve attempted any kind of Moroccan-style dish, but the spices and flavors are very similar of other Mediterranean cuisine and I didn’t have to buy anything out-of-the-ordinary. This made for a perfect Sunday night, out on the patio, fresh and healthy dinner. Paired with a great glass of wine, it was a perfect way to end the weekend.

Make sure to read my article on tilapia to make sure you are choosing healthy, sustainable fish.




Has anyone tried any out-of-the-ordinary or new-to-you cuisine lately? Or are there any food bloggers out there with recommendations on how to get out of a recipe rut?