Can a health coach and registered dietician in Winter Park, FL really help you reach your weight loss goals? A study conducted by researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center were able to show that a health coach can help overweight individuals achieve their weight loss goals. The National Institutes of Health funded study was published in an online journal edition of Obesity.  For the study, researchers selected 44 obese individuals and enrolled them in a weight-loss program for 6 months. At the end of the program, researchers noted that participants who worked with health coaches and even peer coaches lost more weight than those who worked with mentors.

Our health coach along with a registered dietician nutritionist can dramatically improve the success of individuals residing in Winter Park, Longwood and Orlando, FL enrolled in our weight loss program. We do not just focus on reducing calories nor do we urge our clients to keep exercising until things work out. Instead, we focus on nutritional awareness, which not only helps you achieve your weight loss goals but also helps you maintain those goals. Together, your weight loss team will help you manage psychological barriers, which according to research can hinder performance.

Many residents in Winter Park, FL do not realize the important role a dietician has in helping clients with their weight loss program. The goal of our certified nutritionist is to teach clients how to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals using the foods and ingredients they already enjoy. There’s no magic pill and there are no mystery green concoctions that will suddenly melt the pounds away before your eyes. It takes a sincere desire to succeed, a commitment to do the work, and trust in your health coach.

Nutrition Awareness was founded by Megan Ware, a certified nutritionist and registered dietician serving residents in Longwood, Winter Park and Orlando, FL. She received a B. S. degree in dietetics from The Ohio State University (OSU) and worked as a group fitness instructor for the university prior to her clinical dietician position at Florida Hospital Orlando.

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