best protein for liftersEven dietitians need to do some pretty extensive research to find a great tasting protein powder without unnecessary additives. There are so many products and brands it’s impossible to choose the perfect one right from the start. So many protein powders just taste horrible or have a chalky consistency. But, lucky you, we’ve done all the sampling for you and weeded out what to skip and what’s worth the money.

Why protein powder?

In our post about What to Eat After a Workout, we mention that you ideally need at least 20-30 grams of protein (depending on your size) after a hard workout to refuel and rebuild muscle. It’s not always possible to consume a meal right after a workout or maybe you just don’t have an appetite after intense exercise. Eating real food is ideal, but in a pinch it’s perfectly OK to grab something easy like a bar or smoothie/shake with protein powder.

We like Phormula-1® Natural because it is the best tasting, best mixing naturally flavored and sweetened isolated protein on the market. Plus, there’s free shipping and a 110% money back guarantee.

Once you’ve got a good powder, check out our Easy Post-Workout Shake formula here. I also like to add a little protein powder to my yogurt, oatmeal and baked goods like these Banana Nut Protein Muffins to give them a boost.

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