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Welcome to the course!

In 7 short days (5-15 minutes per day), you will learn:

  • The benefits of intermittent fasting (IF)
  • What current research says about IF
  • Who shouldn’t try IF
  • The types of IF and which is most sustainable
  • How to fit IF into your personal lifestyle
  • If coffee or tea is appropriate while fasting
  • How to time your workouts around fasting
  • The best app to use to track your fasts
  • How to overcome common challenges of IF
  • And much, much more!

You will also hear about my personal experiments with intermittent fasting and hear stories from other “fasters” too.

You can choose how you would like to consume the course content, which will be provided in 3 formats:

  • video
  • audio
  • text (provided below the video and audio)

Let’s get started! By next week, you’ll be an intermittent fasting pro!

Click day one below to start, where you can choose to read, listen to, or watch the content. I can’t wait to see your results!